Lost and Found

Retrieving your lost item is easier than ever by using our automated Lost and Found system. Simply enter your personal information, a detailed description of the item you lost, and the bus, rail or light rail line you traveled on. (* fields are required information to complete a match!) The lost item will be entered into our Lost and Found database and you will be contacted as soon as a computer match is identified for your item. If you prefer, you can also report your lost item by calling 973 275-5555 or in-person by visiting one of our Customer Service offices.

Contact Information

Enter your contact information below. This information will be used only when an item match is made with your lost item within our Lost and Found database. Contact information is kept in accordance with our privacy policy.

Item Description

Enter information about the item you lost using the Category and Description menus. (If a Description of the item does not appear within the Category, check for additional Descriptions within the Miscellaneous category. If none apply, select the most appropriate Category.) Complete the additional information fields as fully and accurately as possible.

(Man's jewelry, child's pants, etc)

Travel Info

Enter the date of travel you lost your item. Then complete the trip information where you believe you lost the item. Click Submit once to enter your case. You'll receive a confirmation email with further instruction along with a case number for future reference.




Rail/Light Rail